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Vinyl-guide-price, step 1: identify the record version . most albums have been released more than once, resulting in different release versions.. for example, pink floyd’s dark side of the moon has been pressed at least 385 times on vinyl. some of these releases are worth hundreds of dollars.. Sold for 141.27 usd on 19 apr 2020 (buy it now), how much is worth your record vinyl and cd collection? we collect ended auction results so you can check the value of your vinyl and cd. please note that the final price doesn't mean this is the real value cause it depends on conditions too, so a mint or sealed item it's worth a lot more than a vg item..

Looking for the value of a vinyl record, cd, cassette or any other music format? search within our archive of 17.2 million sold auctions, check the value of your vinyl records by searching our archive. Generally if i want a price guide i just check all the sites i can think of that sell records and if i cant find it anywhere and its 1 i want ill just pay the price being asked, and price guides would be difficult anyway cause the prices go up and down again anyway dependant on the demand at the time so keeping them up 2 date would be difficult. like say a film from yrs ago contains a song ..., provides a searchable back catalog of ebay vinyl record auctions..

Lisa fancher started frontier records with a few paychecks, a bit of luck and a lot of tenacity. known for producing enduring records by circle jerks, adolescents and suicidal tendencies, lisa continues to curate the label, cultivate boutique titles and make the music available on vinyl., funko welcomes three new pop! marvel figures into its universe with a triumvirate of anti-heroes. making their pop! vinyl debut are mayhem (april parker), absolute carnage and infamous iron man (glow in the dark)..

A comprehensive 7 inch 45rpm singles and ep vinyl record collection, carefully curated from the late 1950s until the late 1970s, comprising approximately 4,000 pieces.