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Types-of-duct-work, types of ductwork. distributing air throughout a residence is achieved by using several types of ductwork. some home builders save money by using the natural design spaces in the home, such as what is found between the joists and studs. although the air flow channel is tightly sealed, the friction of air flow against the wood reduces efficiency .... While it may be the least visible and least thought about feature of your hvac system, ductwork, and its type, are of vital importance. ductwork is the part of your system that moves air from place to place., we’ve discussed different types of insulation, and why you should get a home energy audit for energy efficient improvements, but what about ductwork? simply put, a duct is the channel that carries cooled air from the air conditioning unit through your home, and also removes warm or stale air..

Are you in the market for a new hvac system? are your ducts no longer effective? whether you’re looking to replace your existing ductwork or you need a comprehensive ductwork system for your new home’s central air or gas furnace, you need to ensure that your ductwork perfectly compliments the other components of your ac and heater. as with many things these days, there is no shortage of ..., flexible ductwork. flexible ductwork is made from flexible plastic tubes that are wrapped by a wire frame and insulation with a plastic cover. in many cases, they are more cost-effective than other types of ductwork as it is easier to install and place in tight areas..

Rigid ducts. rigid ducts come in fiberglass, fiberboard and sheet metal options. although these durable ducts are more reliable for long-term use, their stiffness makes each of these options more difficult to install, especially in small spaces where some flexibility in the duct is preferred., different kinds of air ducts used in the hvac industry. in every hvac system, one of the most important elements to check is the duct system or what is known as ductwork..

Posted january 29th, 2010 by admin & filed under air conditioning, heating, understanding ventilation systems.. air ducts are used to distribute air through out a building, or to exhaust air outside of a building. the most common are: sheet metal, fiberglass lined, fiberboard, and flex-line air ducts., we’ve had a look at the different compressors and condensers used for central air conditioning, but what about the ducts? simply put, a duct is the channel that carries cooled air from the air conditioning unit through your home, and can also remove warm or stale air..

Duct cleaning may be personally justifiable for that very reason: occupants may not want to have their house air circulated through a duct passage that is not as clean as the rest of the house. however, duct cleaning will not usually change the quality of the breathing air, nor will it significantly affect airflows or heating costs.