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Tempered-glass-product-data-sheet, 710 w. ostend st. baltimore, md 21230 tf 800.352.3380 f 410.727.1080 em [email protected] www.mdglass.net safety glass for high-traffic and strong wind areas. Tempered glass is subject to rare “spontaneous breakage” caused by one or a combination of these causes: surface or edge damage, deep scratches or gouges, severe weld spatter, missile or windborne debris impact, glass to metal contact, wind/thermal loading or rare inclusions or, tempered glass is approximately four times stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness and configuration. residual surface compression must be over 10,000 psi for 6mm glass, according to astm c 1048. please contact guardian for thicker glass standards.. when broken, tempered glass will break into many relatively small fragments, which are less likely to cause serious injury..

Description: 1.1 this test method covers the determination of the resistance of a fired ceramic-glass enamel to a 10% alkali solution held near its boiling point for 2 h. 1.2 this test method is not applicable to large tempered glass sheets or specimens larger than 9 by 9 cm. 1.3 this, 8-09 tempered glass specifications tempered glass is created by heating standard annealed glass and then rapidly cooling the heated glass to create a stress layer.. Page 3 of 3 revised 11-05-07 heat strengthened glass product data sheet • when viewing heat strengthened glass in certain conditions, a pattern of iridescent spots or darkish shadows may become visible. this is the strain pattern created by the quench process., this grid is a guild-line and subject to glazing regulations please email us with any questions.. u-values tell you how well your windows retain heat. the lower the number the better..

Product datasheet. bazz. tel. +34937366800 fax +34937861551 lamp reserves the right to change the technical specifications of their products. these changes will 17-03-2020, homeowners and designers trust our glass products to balance beauty and durability. guardian glass is also trusted by leading architects to wrap their landmarks..

This brochure provides technical information – including performance capabilities and glazing guidelines – for all types of sunguard advanced architectural glass from guardian. it also contains instructions for the proper handling, maintenance and cleaning of the glass before, during and after building construction. we believe that you’ll ...