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Telstra-cable-modem-picture, learn how to access your modem settings to view and edit settings. options available for all technology types and for windows (vista, 7, 10, 8 and 8.1) and mac users.. Watch this video to learn more about the telstra smart modem™, a hybrid modem that combines the power of telstra’s fixed and mobile networks for a more reliable connection. for more telstra ..., if you have a hybrid fibre coaxial connection that uses telstra cable, this video will show you how to set up your new telstra smart modem™ and cable adaptor. nbn™ and other nbn™ logos and .... Hi, i have bigpond cable and foxtel tv, recently i switched my cg3100 to bridged mode and fitted a wr1043nd to try to get more consistant internet speeds, this was working fine until today. today the internet dropped out and the foxtel picture was corrupted. foxtel was working but with 30-50% distor..., we've just (surprisingly smoothly!) moved to nbn. new nbn connection box replaces existing telstra cable modem (might not be the exact right terms but you get the picture). what can i do with the old box ? i guess no-one will want to buy it. can i return it to telstra ? or is straight in the la....

General what is the telstra smart modem™? the telstra smart modem™ is a ‘power on working’ solution (begins to give you connectivity as soon as you turn it on) that will work on multiple technologies (adsl, hfc and nbn™ access technologies). the modem has an inbuilt pre-activated mobile sim card t..., the telstra smart modem™ gen 2 has the power to use both our home internet and mobile networks, allowing you to: get online, and use your home phone if you’re on the nbn™ network, even before your home network has been activated. using its inbuilt, pre-activated sim, it connects to our mobile network right out of the box..

Wi-fi extenders, boosters and modems working from home? boost your wi-fi to every room. give your wi-fi coverage a boost and make working from home easier with telstra smart wi-fi boosters., connecting your phone and internet to telstra cable (hfc) these are the parts you need before you begin. unplug old devices from your phone sockets.