Masaa مسا

Twilight between the ages:

Transformation from day to night. Lasting only a moment.
Masaa playfully transitions between the Orient and the Occident,
between the strange and the familiar.

Through a chamber music-like ensemble, the musicians bring experiences from their journeys and the memories

of them into a convergence of traditional Eastern

music and contemporary jazz styles.

Rabih Lahoud’s improvised poetry takes center stage in the process.
Masaa’s own characteristic style lends to its ability to liberate itself

from reliance on employing the standard clichés of the Orient.

The musicians display the breadth of their individual world views in

a mosaic tinged with poetry and musical styles that capture the

diversity of life.

Rabih Lahoud (voc)

Rabih Lahoud (vocals) 

studied classical piano, composition, classical vocals, and jazz vocals. He feels at home in both Western and Eastern music traditions, the latter due to his Arabian roots. This ambivalence adds to the charm of the confluence of musical styles.

He formed the band “Eternal Voyage” with Markus Stockhausen, and together they releaseda CD in 2009 and performed together in the Cologne Concert Hall as well as many other venues. He teaches at the music college of Düsseldorf and Hamburg. 

Marcus Rust (tp)

Marcus Rust (trumpet) discovered a personal interest in foreign cultures on a trip to India while he was performing his compulsory community service. This experience defines his work with organist Christian Grosch in a duo they call “Zia”. The musicians focus their energies on combining jazz and traditional music of a variety of cultures with jazz in a church setting. He teaches at the University of Arts in Berlin. 


Clemens Pötzsch (p)

has intimately pursued the connection between traditional folk music and modern variations of jazz for many years. He is in- fluenced greatly by traditional Slavic music due to his Sorbian roots, which he brings to bear in his band Slavicon. 


Demian Kappenstein (dr)

released a CD with the “Ring Ensemble” last year, the fruition of a joint effort with two other musicians to form a jazz trio in an en- semble with historical stringed instruments. He lavished attention on the experiences gained through his travels in Kosovo, Taiwan, Turkey, Macedonia, Israel, and other coun- tries in Solo Concerts for Percussion with the track “Travel Suite”. He is the current drummer of the band of Miss Platnum.